"Darxide" was first released on the Sega Megadrive 32X console. It was written in association with Peter Irvin and was published as a SEGA own-brand title. It was well reviewed (e.g. "Best Game on the 32X"). It is one of the few games on the 32X to do texture mapping, and as such looks better than many Saturn games for the machine SEGA chose to push instead of the 32X, the Saturn. This is because we were able to get software rendered textures at a higher rate on the 32X than the hardware could manage on the Saturn.

The game is an arcade take on 3D asteroids. A large, outlying asteroid belt has been displaced by aliens, and this is passing into a solar system, causing devastation. The 'take' is from the point of view of the asteroids, and the Miners living on and among them. The player is the lone Starfleet pilot battling to protect the system and save the Miners. Each 'level' is the approach of another planet as the asteroids get further into the system, and success or failure determined by whether any asteroids get through and how the player fares against the opposing alien craft.

Incidentally, this game started life as "Dark Side" but the name was changed at the last minute for trademark reasons. Original 32X cartridge versions of the game have changed hands for ~$350 US on E-BAY.

In February 2003 Frontier launched a significantly enhanced new version of the game, called 'Darxide EMP'™, for Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 PDA mobile devices. Click here to see information about 'Darxide EMP'™.