"First Encounters" was the sequel to Frontier. It was released in Easter 1995 and was well reviewed, despite being released before the development team thought it it was ready.

"First Encounters" also had a number of firsts to its name. The detailed modelling of the geography of the planets has still probably not been surpassed, despite the relative lack of power of the target PCs at the time – i.e. Intel 386 machines. It was the first game to use procedural texturing to generate the vegetation, snow, etc. on the planet surfaces. Mountain ranges, cliffs and wonderful alien landscapes and atmospheric effects all contributed to the atmosphere of the game, and the coloured lighting (possibly also a first?) from the redder stars gave some planets an eerie look.

Despite the problems at the time of release it shipped around 100,000 units and is still played by many people, and is frequently discussed on the news group